Pakistani students protest after man accused of blasphemy murdered

Pakistani students protest after man accused of blasphemy murdered

Young Pakistani students have taken to the streets to protest against the blasphemy law
On August 8 both Muslim and Christian students demonstrated against the death of Qutub Rind who was killed on 17th July.

But his killers remain unpunished
They were asking the government to repeal the blasphemy law, which has killed many innocent people.

According to Rind’s uncle, Gul Beg Rind, the blasphemy allegations against his new phew who was a student of arts at NCA, were levelled after he had a dispute with the hostel owner about rent
The victim had reportedly paid the rent while the owner claimed he had not.

A few days before the killing, Qutub had an argument with those who are accused of killing him – Ahsan Ali and Waqas Ali.

Gul Beg said they paid his nephew a visit and tortured him before pushing him from the third floor of the hostel.

The Qutub suffered serious injuries and later died in hospital. A police case was registered and the two men were arrested.

But after the arrest the suspects allegedly claimed they had killed the victim because he committed blasphemy.

Beg denied any such allegations saying his nephew was murdered over a dispute on the payment of rent.

Organisers The Progressive Student Collective (PSC) were saying that everybody could see the trend of attackers making blasphemy allegations and not being punished.

They said they have been struggling against the controversial blasphemy laws for decades and need support from like-minded groups.

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