Mentally Disabled Pakistani Christian jailed for life

Mentally Disabled Pakistani Christian jailed for life

A Pakistani Christian man with mental health issues has been sentenced to life imprisonment for blasphemy.

In June 2015 Yaqoob Bashir, 25, was accused of burning a booklet that carried Quranic verses.

According to reports he had been receiving treatment at a mental health facility in Hyderabad before the accusation was made.

Last month the Session and District Court of Mirpurkhas sentenced him to life imprisonment under blasphemy charges after he was found guilty of using derogatory language against the prophet Muhammad.

He was cleared of desecrating the Quran.

During Bashir’s three years in jail before conviction, other inmates attacked him on several occasions, and in June this year, he was brutally beaten by fellow inmates for praying in their shared jail cell.

He also had to appeals for bail rejected.

Bashir also reportedly suffered from serious illnesses due to the poor conditions in jail and a lack of adequate medical care.

Furthermore, his family have been threatened by extremists.

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